What is Whiskey Coin?

Whiskey Coin (WSKY) is the United States first, legally compliant, digital-currency that is backed by fine and rare Whiskey.

Whiskey Coin is built on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain technology or otherwise known as ERC20. ERC20 Smart Contracts offer the security,  predictability and transparency that smart investors favor.

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Whiskey Fun Fact

Why invest in Whiskey?

The significance of Whiskey as an economic commodity has been clear for hundreds of years. In 1794, there was an uprising in Pennsylvania because Alexander Hamilton began taxing Whiskey earlier in 1791. Since before The Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, and we suspect well into the future, Americans have loved storing their wealth in this “liquid gold”. Whiskey, as an investment, continually demonstrates steady long term growth. Since Whiskey Coin is backed by fine and rare whiskey, the value of the WSKY (token) is based on the value of the underlying assets and may reflect a price accordingly in open markets. Through an exhaustive process of research, strategic partners and expertise, the team at Whiskey Coin carefully selects bottles and casks from those distillers and vintages that have shown constant growth in the past and are forecasted to continue to rise in value in the future. Below are several graphs from RareWhisky101.com, an independent firm that tracks the values of fine and rare whisky. Please note that past performance does not predict any future results. Investors should always do their due diligence before investing in alternative commodities.

Whiskey Charts

Enlarge Graphics: Macallan Indices - RW Icon 100 Index - Japanese 100 Index - Whisky Collectors Index

Whiskey as an Investment

CNBC simply stated, whiskey is in “An almost perfect bull market.” This is because whiskey has risen 400% from 2008 - 2011, according to Forbes. Consequently whiskey is outperforming gold - which only increased 146% during the same period. During the last 14 months, whiskey has caught the eye of the investment community for these reasons. Note the Forbes article is specifically mentioning (IGS) or Investment Grade Scotch as the indicator that is outperforming gold, thus this figure does not include rare Irish or American Whiskey only Scotch Whisky.
Source: CNBC, Forbes
Whiskey Revenues in 2017 $3.4 billion
Fun Fact Scotch Whiskey

Operating Summary

Committed to full regulatory compliance and transparency, the Whiskey Coin Management Team has carefully planned the allocation of funds raised through the ICO process. 94.7% of all funds invested goes to whiskey inventory, storage, insurance, distribution, and the establishment of our Whiskey Library, which is supported by the blockchain. Trust, honesty and integrity are the core values the Whiskey Coin Team strives to operate by.
  • 1.76%TECH

ICO Bonuses

We want to reward those who believe in Whiskey Coin early on. We do this by splitting the funding of Whiskey Coin into 3 phases with Purchase price incentives.

  • Pre ICO
    USD 3.50
  • ICO Phase 1
    USD 4.50
  • ICO Phase 2
    USD 7.00

Actual Phase

Pre ICO Coin Pre ICO 1,350,000
Coins Available
ICO Phase 1 Coin ICO Phase 1 3,150,000
Coins Available
ICO Phase 2 Coin ICO Phase 2 4,140,000
Coins Available

Token Issuance

Whiskey Coin (WSKY) will release in 3 initial phases; each with their own perks and rewards;
  • Pre-ICO - USD 3.50
  • Phase 1 - USD 4.50
  • Phase 2 - USD 7.00
Each phase has specific fund allocations. To give maximum stability to Whiskey Coin, 80% of your investment will be allocated directly toward fine and rare Whiskey. 90% of WSKY tokens will be available for purchase through one of our ICO phases. Founders, advisors and team members have a total allotment of 10% of the WSKY token supply. Founders coins will be disbursed at the time of Pre-ICO launch to the wallet addresses published in our whitepaper. The founder's coins will be under a “cooling period” and may not be sold until the ICO closes or 12 months from ICO launch, whichever comes first. Founders are only eligible to sell up to 10% of their individual wallet balances in any 30 day period thereafter.
Token Issuance Chart
Fun Fact Jack Daniels

Whiskey Coin Token Allocation

  • Pre-ICO Phase
  • ICO Phase 1
  • ICO Phase 2
  • Founders & Advisors
    10%, 960,000 tokens

Advantages of Whiskey Coin

Icon Cross CompatibilityCross Compatibility

Whiskey.io, the main website where your WSKY will be bought, sold, and administered, has been built with your ease of use in mind. Whiskey Coin can be accessed by 99.9% of web browsers, tablets and smartphones. Future development may include both IOS and Android specific applications based on the blockchain. This will enable you to trade your WSKY for Whiskey.

Icon Investment BalancedInvestment Balanced

By leveraging an old world asset with new world technology, Whiskey Coin is poised to be a leader in the “stable coin” ecosystem. This approach will produce far less volatility than typical utility tokens that are backed by thin-air. Better than just being “backed” by an asset, Whiskey Coin is backed by an asset that has proven growth.

Icon Investment DiscountsInvestment Discounts

The Whiskey Coin ICO consists of 3 phases that include varied investment discounts. After completing the 2nd phase of our ICO, we plan to take Whiskey Coin, which is owned by Newport Whiskey LLC, into a public company. All investors of Whiskey Coin ICO's will receive a portion of corresponding shares. This is just one way we reward our investors.

Icon WSKY LibraryWSKY Library

The first of its kind in the United States, the Whiskey Coin Library will be an exclusive blockchain based establishment open only to Whiskey Coin holders. We will use QR code technology to validate your Whiskey Coin balance and only this will grant you entrance to taste “the fruits” of your investment. Las Vegas, NV is currently the 1st planned location.

Why Is Whiskey Coin The Future?


  • Genesis of Whiskey Coin

    The idea came to Michael when he got the Fall 2017 issue of Whiskey Advocate Magazine, where he regale that it was like a business plan laid out for anyone to see. From the article “When Whiskey Was Too Big to Fail” to “Is It Too Late to Collect Whisky?”, He states, “I just saw it, Whiskey + Blockchain, from there my mind wouldn’t stop thinking of how a Whiskey based economy would work.”

    From there Michael began work with his team to define the initial roadmap, tokenomics and identify the team to build this revolutionary idea.

    November 2017-December 2017

  • Coin Development

    Whiskey Coin development begin in Jan. 2018. From flights to Washington DC for meetings with securities lawyers, to flights to Arizona to meet with development teams, the Whiskey Coin team began dozens of sleepless nights. During this time, the WSKY Coin was established on the ERC20 Ethereum smart contract technology.

    Development was also completed on the investor administration panel and WSKY Coin trading desk.

    January 2018-April 2018

  • ICO

    The Whiskey Coin ICO begins and will be divided into 3 phases for coin allocations. Pre ICO, ICO Phase 1, and ICO Phase 2.

    As the ICO progresses, we will begin procuring assets through a registered broker house and begin initial planning of the storage facility in Scotland for casks and the planning of the WSKY Library, to be located in Las Vegas, pending planning and regulatory compliance. Regardless of the final location, the WSKY Library may store the rare bottle portion of the Whisky Coin assets.

    During this time, we will also begin planning phase of the asset tracking blockchain technology that will allow you to trade your Whiskey Coin for physical rare whiskey and casks.

    May 2018 - December 2018

  • WSKY Library Planning

    Final plans will be made for the WSKY Library and released to the community. This will include the finalized location and other details that will include special events, perks, and limited availability based on the total amount of WSKY Coins you hold.

    Imagine a scenario like this;

    It’s Friday night and from 7pm to 12am - you must own 1,000 WSKY Coins to enter the room. Now you are networking and rubbing shoulders with a select group of people enjoying vintages that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

    January 2019 - February 2019

  • Asset Tracking Development

    We recognize that investors will want to know where their assets are located and what the valuation is of those assets that can be dynamically verified by a third party.

    These are just some of the benefits of developing an blockchain asset tracking system.

    During this time, we will begin active development of the Whisky Coin blockchain asset tracking platform. More details will be released to the community as this development continues.

    Feb 2019 - May 2019

  • Post ICO Audit of Funds

    After the successful completion of the Whiskey Coin ICO (Estimated May of 2019), Whiskey Coin will have a 3rd party Audit and generate reporting for the status and/or allocation of all funds received as a part of any of our ICO campaigns.

    This financial auditing statement will be made available to all ICO investors.

    May 2019 - June 2019

  • Public Offering

    This is where we get to reward those who invested into the ICO with shares of a U.S. based blockchain whiskey company (Newport Whiskey LLC). We plan to take the company public and distribute a portion of the shares to all of our WSKY coin holders who purchased during the ICO.

    During this time, we will prepare all SEC documents to conduct a reverse merger with all U.S. regulatory requirements completed.

    June 2019 - September 2019

  • Whiskey Available for Public Sale

    Final implementation and completion of our WSKY Exchange that will include the ability for us to trade a select portion of our rare Whiskey and Whisky 🙂 may be available for exchange for WSKY Coin, in accordance with all state and government laws.

    Both from an online store (ecommerce), to trading WSKY Coins in the physical location of the official WSKY Library.

    October 2019 - December 2019

Fun Fact Water
Fun Fact Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

+Is Whiskey Coin A Platform?

No, unlike most other cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, Whiskey Coin offers real world value today (at the beginning of the fund creation), not at some mystical point in the future. Through “backing” Whiskey Coin with whiskey we have created the ultimate stable coin.

+ Where is Whiskey Coin Incorporated?

Whiskey Coin, www.Whiskey.io, is owned by Newport Whiskey LLC, a subsidiary of Newport Capital LLC, and is incorporated in the crypto friendly state of Wyoming.

+What is an Asset Backed Fund?

Asset backed funds are funds that invest in tangible assets (like Whiskey Coin). The primary advantage of an asset-backed fund is that the assets behind the fund have real world value. That is, if the company were to ever fail, the assets of the company can be liquidated to cover a portion, if not all, of the investment.

+Will Whiskey Coin Have a Public Blockchain?

Yes, there are 2 planned block chains for Whiskey Coin.

1)   There will be a public blockchain storing all transactions of WSKY being transferred from wallet to wallet.

2)   During the ICO phase Whiskey Coin will produce a blockchain to track the real assets of Whiskey Coin. This will allow the trade of WSKY for Whisk{e}y.

+Why Don’t I Just Buy My Own Bottles of Whiskey?

You could, but then you would probably drink it or drop a bottle and break it!  *POOF* that $2k bottle of Pappy is gone!

There Is also the convenience factor. With Whiskey Coin you get to Invest and forget. You also get to own 100(s) of different bottles and cask, making you a part of an extraordinary community.

+How Can I BUY or SELL WSKY Coins?

It is easy. Create your account and go through our accredited investor verification process. Then during the ICO you can purchase WSKY.
*$25,000 minimum investment required.

**After the ICO is complete, Whiskey Coin may be available for sell on 3rd party exchanges.

**We recommend only partnering with licensed and regulated US based exchanges.

+How Do I buy Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC)?

Buying Ethereum and Bitcoin is extremely easy and safe with licensed and regulated United States based exchanges such as CoinBase.com. Click below to a link from CNBC that explains in detail how to purchase cryptocurrency from CoinBase.com.

Reference: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/24/how-to-buy-bitcoin-ethereum.html

+What is the Purpose of the Telegram Group?

We want open and honest communication with the Whiskey Coin community. We invite anyone to join our Telegram Group (both accredited and non-accredited investor alike).

This group will provide a place to ask questions and get answers in a public/open forum.

+Why is Whiskey a good investment?

Whiskey has been in an almost perfect bull market for years. Whiskey Coin is the perfect platform to take advantage of this rise in popularity and to capitalize on the fast growing blockchain industry.

While we can’t guarantee profits, we can tell you that Whiskey Coin will do everything in our power to steward your investment into Whiskey for maximum growth potential.

+Will There be a 3rd Party Valuation Done of the Whiskey Coin Inventory?

Yes, we are partnering with www.rarewhiskey101.com to validate the value of our collection using their Indices and expertise.

+Is Whiskey Coin Planning to Go Public?

Yes, our goal is to conduct a reverse merger and take the assets of Whiskey Coin into a public company. This move will enhance the overall value to early Whiskey Coin investors.

Early investors of Whiskey Coin will be rewarded with a portion of shares of the public company distributed among Whiskey Coin investors.

+How Will Whiskey Coin Track It’s Inventory?

After the conclusion of the ICO Whiskey Coin will develop a blockchain based tracking solution to create the necessary visibility of all assets procured by Whiskey Coin.

The Bottle and Casks “Whiskey Collection” of Whiskey Coin will be made available as part of the public blockchain. This will allow the assets of Whiskey Coin to be tracked if a bottle or cask is sold.